Conjunto Megalítico de Barreira

The 6th of december 2021 we wandered around at Conjunto Megalitico de Barreira and it was very overgrown. We could not figure out how these huge stones were ever arranged. The hill offers a strategic view over the area, close to the sea. The whole area shows many signs of very long use (very old stone walls, small pieces of land etc.
In the nearest village Barreira, we have seen some very large, pretty flat stones, manmade (from a burial chamber or so). In Barreira was a nice well. Still working and even renovated for good drinkwater and bathing. Here were also remains of use of a very long time ago.
You could pretty well imagine that this well once was the starting point of a rich and megalithic society that could afford to build a huge monument. We could not visit the museum as it was closed.

The landscape
Old signs of use of the well in Barreira
The well in Barreira
A waterplace? in the village
One of the roads close to the site.
The village of Barreira