Conversa at Maatje’s house

Conversa #136Wednesday 23rd January19.30-21.30atMaatje’s houseVoorburgstraat 166
 with contributions byMaatje van Eck (High Ceilings)Bob Los (In Memory: VR storytelling)Giliam Spliethoff (In Memory: the composer’s point of view) The art of Maatje is inspired by locations, history or specific happenings. She uses different types of materials to make her installations or projects. The latest project is the place where she lives, an industrial building with large windows. The yurt that she uses as a  temporary bedroom was the big inspiration for starting to experiment with felt and wool. In felt, she finds a great material to soften sounds in a spacious room. Maatje makes her wet-felt fabrics with the technic of rolling.
 Bob Los, a VR storyteller showcases and discusses his project “In Memory” where physical movement is used as a means to tell a short story. VR is a rapidly upcoming new medium with an incredibly broad field of possible applications, ranging from entertainment to healthcare. By letting the audience experience In Memory, and telling about it simultaneously, Bob aims to open up the conversation on where VR has come today, and where we’d like to see it Giliam is a Composer/Sound Designer specialized in interactive music & sound design.
Whilst co-presenting In Memory (short VR story) with Bob Los, Giliam will talk about the process of creating interactive stories from a composers point of viewwww.driftwood.audioMaatje and Peter welcome you at their home/studio. They live in a former community center of a church. It was built in 1964, has two floors, a flat green roof, and two staircases. The church closed in 1982 and became a 2nd hand workshop. In the nineties, it was sold to artist Robert Zandvliet who had his atelier in the large room. The building has some nice details. The depth varies because it has been built parallel to the Hofbogen, a former railway. The wooden dancefloor, large windows, the mud walls, the acoustic challenge — living in an industrial building is an ongoing process with ongoing opportunities.Voorburgstraat 166
The designer for this series is Michele Pedrazzini.Conversas is a series of bi-weekly informal meetings made so that we can get to know each other, share projects, stories or interests.During the event, three Conversadores (those who start the conversation) bring something to share with the gathered group, for thirty minutes each. As the title suggests, Conversas (Conversations in Portuguese) aim at an equal set up from which both the Conversadores and the group benefit. In this series, we are challenging our guests to not use a beamer, try to be creative and use only words and/or other objects to tell their story.There’s beer for 2€ (donation for the next publication). After each series, we collaborate with a designer and edit a printed publication. The 13th series of ten Conversas Rotterdam starts on the 7th of November and runs every other Wednesday until the 20th of March. This series is happening in different locations spread through the city of Rotterdam. It is organized by Bérénice Staiger, Constança Saraiva, Marco Aperti, Zahra Said and Sebastian Helbers.  Conversas is a project initiated in Lisbon by Constança Saraiva and Mafalda Fernandes, in 2012. Nowadays, it’s a project of many people and cities. are open to all and the entrance is free.