Necrópole das Soalheironas

This unique necrópole is situated on a ridge with a double view over de Guadiana River as the river makes a 90 degree bend. The graves are in a line and integrate with the schist and graywacke stones of the hilltop. I find it a beautiful thought to bury your ancestors on such a extraordinary place. In the area around the Necrópole you can also find traces of old settlements. This is a delicate site to visit. It has 32 graves, is over 113 meter long and is dated in the bronzeage (2000-1200 BC). 13 ceramic vessels and 2 copper artifacts were found in the graves. These can be seen in the Museum of Alcoutim, situated in the Castle of Alcoutim.
This site can be reached by a hilly gravel road of 3 km and a walk of 900 meters over a gravel hilly road.